I saw how receiving a college degree affected my mother and her opportunities. I was awestruck by how transformational that journey was for her. Her grit and determination inspired my educational path. Her decades long work as a public school teacher drove my desire to serve our schools. This led me to becoming a Akron Public School Board Member.

I served as the President of the Akron Public School Board. I have seen first hand where public schools succeed and where they struggle. In 1997, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the overreliance on property taxes as the primary means of funding schools was unconstitutional. Very little has changed. All our students deserve equal opportunities to receive a quality education. The funding is not adequate and must be revisited by the Ohio Legislature. My experience gives me a unique perspective on public schools and their needs. Healthy and thriving schools are integral to the future success of our community.


In 2015 and 2018 Ohioans voted overwhelmingly to devise a more transparent plan to draw our state’s districts while taking into account the voting demographics and trends. Even though it is part of our constitution, it was not honored by the committee. The GOP has presented maps without Democrats input and each time the map was rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court because it favored Republicans. The committee is back to redrawing the lines.

In November 2024, we will be voting on ending gerrymandering in Ohio. The difference with this upcoming constitutional amendment is that the map drawing will be taken out of the politicians’ hands and given to a 15-member group. We have learned that it is not enough to have a constitutional amendment; we must have independent people who are not influenced by political parties.


Our healthcare system works for some and for others it does not. I have seen those racial, gender, and geographic inequities. As a representative, we must have those difficult conversations to address the deep-seated inequities in our healthcare system. Those conversations are not easy to have but are imperative to improving the system. I have worked in health care for nearly 20 years and know first-hand what works and what does not work. We must strengthen what we do well and improve upon our shortcomings. Ohio should ensure easier access to mental health as well as expanding long term services and support. We can do better in Ohio by providing for our citizens.


Reproductive rights are healthcare, and everyone deserves the liberty to make their own choices about their bodies. This is a broad social justice issue that affects everyone. All people should have the right to make the decisions according to their lives without coercion, threat, or punishment.


We must take care of our public lands. That translates into protecting the integrity of all our green spaces so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. We must continue to strive for clean water. Ohio has the largest number of lead service lines per capita in the country. Ohio must seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. Ohio has a history of being innovative and market driving. If we commit to taking the lead in the renewable energy revolution, we can be that again. These are the jobs that will ensure our future economic and environmental prosperity.


Small businesses are the lifeblood and foundation of our local communities and economies. We must ensure that a fertile environment exists that will support the long-term viability of these businesses and the families who give their all to make our communities full. This can be done through creativity in how we provide a variety of tax abatements, property tax reductions, and other well designed tax credits and subsidies.


Strong schools are safe places for teachers to teach and our students to learn. Strong schools are also enriching and inclusive environments that encourage our scholars to question, debate, and extend themselves academically. We must never forget the importance of providing for staff and students’ personal safety through investments and expenditures in technologies that will protect the physical well-being of anyone who spends time in our schools.


Ohio should be a great place for our older adults. We must value and respect the dignity of aging independently. We can accomplish that by making home care and hospice careers an esteemed profession by collaborating with the Department of Aging. We must encourage solid plans for financial and social stability throughout their lifespan. Older adults who have meaningful engagement with others have a richer life.


We must first recognize that the creation of new economic opportunities requires both the attraction of new employers and the continued investment in the growth and success of current businesses. It is imperative that we expand investments that support technology and small business incubators. The jobs of the future will arise from these fertile collaborative environments.


As a Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer, I support our commanders and soldiers in many ways. I provide advice, representation, and training on a wide variety of topics including Law of Armed Conflict, Military Justice, Code of Conduct, LGBTQ+, and Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention.

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